Things to do in Mequinenza

Still don’t know Mequinenza?
Here we leave you some proposals so that you can get to know our territory and discover why Mequinenza is so special.

The Museo Goya opened its doors in 2015, although its origins go back to 1979. It is the only museum in the world that has all the complete series of Francisco de Goya in its permanent collection.

Goya has a strong connection to Zaragoza. Born in Fuendetodos, when he was still very young he em> moved with his family to Zaragoza em>, where he spent his childhood and received artistic training from him.

The collection exhibited in the museum allows you to observe and enjoy the work of the genius and take a tour of his entire career.

In it you can enjoy 1 drawing, 14 paintings and 5 series of engravings, made up of almost 250 lithographs, that Goya made throughout his life.

Under the name of the Goya Museum, three different museum spaces are grouped:

· 1st floor: Goya’s Background. In this area you can see baroque works by Aragonese painters, and others that Goya nurtured in his youth.

· 2nd floor: Goya Room. An area where you can see a wide catalog of his works. Among them, the Self-portrait of him, the sketch of Dos de Mayo and the Masquerade ball under an arch. In it, you can also enjoy strong> his prints of him.

3rd floor: The Legacy of Goya. Works by other 19th-century Aragonese painters who were influenced by the work of Goya, and a selection of 19th-century Spanish landscaping are contemplated.