Hostel services

At the Tres Estrellas hostel we have thought of everything you may need for your vacation 10. Choose from our services and dedicate yourself only to enjoying your vacation.


In the restrooms of the hostel you have at your disposal a shower area with benches and toilets. A spacious and bright space so you can enjoy maximum comfort.

Living room

In the hostel you have access to the living room where you can heat your food (with microwave) and make a coffee with the machine that we put at your disposal. A large, bright and comfortable space. With emergency exit.

Multipurpose room

In the multipurpose room you can eat in small groups or in large groups. Adapted to your needs. A very bright space, with windows, also designed to enjoy activities and board games.

Living room with TV

The ideal room to relax and enjoy a moment of disconnection. Equipped with a TV and sofas. Enjoy maximum comfort. A perfect corner to read, rest or entertain.