If you like the sea, you will probably also like Chilches.
Here you will find a place near the beach where you can take long walks and enjoy the breeze from the coast.
Contemplate the views that the Mediterranean leaves us and take a dip in one of its two beaches.


The historic center of Chilches stands out for Calle de la Iglesia, Plaza de Alfonso XIII and Calle Arbelló for its unique layout and its pedestrian character.

The Chilches boardwalk

Between the promenade and the bathing area, there is a wide esplanade with play areas for beach soccer and volleyball nets, where you can play sports. A place to share long walks alone or in company.

Museu de Belles Arts, a museum that we find in Castellón de La Plana, approximately 34 km.

Marjalería of Chilches

A natural area that occupies about 800 meters, and in which you can take bicycle rides observing the typical vegetation and fauna of the area. This protected wetland is preferred by many migratory birds during the winter.

Nautical activities

Chilches offers a wide range of nautical activities throughout the year. Activities for all ages and with different levels of experience.

Chilches traditionally bases its economy on agriculture with a clear predominance in the cultivation of citrus fruits and fishing. Also noteworthy is its ceramic industry, which is so present in the province of Castellón.

Festivities of San Roc

Week of celebrations on the coast

For more than 300 years, the Sant Roc festivities begin on the Saturday before August 15.

A celebration organized by the Festival area of ​​the Xilxes Town Hall, with the collaboration of different local associations in which the participation of the population is very active.

It includes bullfighting acts, such as exhibitions of wild bulls and emboladas, which continue to have the maximum protagonism. We also find the pilgrimage of Sant Roc, the paella contest, sporting events and activities for the little ones.

The programming completes a week of parties that will exceed 40 acts.

They are considered as the local summer festivals. Without a doubt, they have become a celebration that brings together a whole town and national and international visitors.