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Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed in the pitches and in the Glamping-type accommodations.

The owners of pets that access the facilities must prove that they have a current vaccination card and the regulatory chip. Non-accreditation will imply the restriction of access.

The access of the considered dangerous breeds is prohibited.

If you are responsible for the behavior of your pet within the establishment (both inside the accommodation, as well as in the facilities as a whole, as well as for the damage or inconvenience that it causes to other people, animals or objects, in accordance with the provisions in the applicable civil legislation.

The entry of pets in the restaurant and in restricted areas for hygiene reasons such as the swimming pool or sanitary blocks will be prohibited. Guide dogs are excluded from this restriction.

If you stay with your pet, you should take care of the animal’s welfare, avoid uncontrolled exposure to the sun or the elements and always collect its stools. Failure to comply with these measures may generate a complaint to the health authorities and, always, the non-return of the established bond will correspond.

Coexistence between customers and pets is essential in our establishment.