In Palamós everything has to do with the sea: its coves and beaches, its landscape, fishing, gastronomy, tourism and nautical activities. The sea of emerald green, sculpts the coast and the character of the people of the Costa Brava.
Discover Palamós and its surroundings with our proposals.


The historic center of Palamós and Sant Joan, with its churches and chapels or the fishing houses of S’Alguer.

The port of Palamós and its activities

The port of Palamós has a commercial, fishing, tourist and cultural dimension, with spaces of dynamisation.

The Fishing Museum, museum dedicated to fishing that has visitable boats.

The Fish Space, is a gastronomic classroom of the Fishing Museum. In the courses, show-cooking, workshops and tastings of typical dishes are held.

Roads and beach roads

The Camino de Ronda that crosses the coastline allows you to discover unique environments. Idyllic coves with crystal clear waters and beaches of golden spider.

Nautical activities

Palamós offers a wide range of nautical activities throughout the year. Activities for all ages and with different levels of experience.

Scuba diving, kayaking, boat rental, sailing, catamaran, sailing, ski-bus, snorkelling, windsurfing, maritime excursions are some of the possibilities.

Gastronomic Palamós

During the year various gastronomic samples are made:

Menu of the Shrimp: with the aim of promoting the Guarantee Mark of Pambaós Shrimp and promote its consumption. Fishermen and restaurants of Palamós offer this crustacean, of exquisite flavor and intense red color. It is done during the month of June.

Fish pot menu: In spring. A traditional dish Different and unique coastal fish stews combined with vegetables, bread, potatoes or noodles, according to the creativity of each chef.

Nephrops Menu: In autumn. The nephrops is the star element in dishes that combine the products of the sea and the mountain.