What to do in la Costa Brava

Don’t you know the Costa Brava? Here we leave you some proposals so that you know our territory and discover why the Costa Brava is so special.


The Dalí Theater-Museum was inaugurated in 1974. Built on the remains of the old Municipal Theater of Figueres, it is considered the last great work of Salvador Dalí.

The exposed collection allows you to observe and enjoy the work of genius and make a journey through its entire trajectory.

The different collections of the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí include works of art of all kinds: paintings, drawings, sculptures, engravings, installations, holograms, stereoscopies, photographs, etc. Of these, some 1,500 are exhibited at the Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres.
Under the name of Dalí Theater-Museum, three differentiated museum spaces are grouped:

  1. The Theater-Museum proper. A set of integrated spaces with a single artistic object in which each element constitutes an inseparable part of the whole.
  2. The group of rooms resulting from the extensions of the Theater-Museum, where numerous works of the artist’s legacy, works and stereoscopic installations, anamorphisms as well as new acquisitions of the Foundation are exhibited.
  3. Dalí · Jewels, inaugurated in 2001, with the thirty-nine jewels of gold and precious stones of the old Owen Cheatham collection and the previous designs made by the painter.