Sustainable commitment

We seek sustainable development. We want to be a reference equipment for the camping sector and for the territory in which it is located. A clear commitment to an audience that values natural spaces, tranquility and cultural activities. We love family tourism, tourists interested in culture.

We love family tourism, tourists interested in culture.

We like the elderly who travel from any European point to spend long seasons with their motorhomes.

We like people who care for and respect the environment.

We want to be a clear bet for those people who want to know the great potential of our enclave: La Costa Brava.

We love the clients who return year after year because they know the Costa Brava and have made it an essential part of their lives.

Choosing the Costa Brava as a vacation destination means loving nature, the sea, nautical activities, scuba diving, the Ronda trails, BTT routes, gastronomy, culture and the unique character of our people.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Sustainability
  • occupation
  • Respect for the enviroment
  • service vocation
  • nature
  • strategy
  • good practices
  • cultural and nautical activities
  • natural values
  • Saving water and energy