I tell you one thing.

One, no.


If you do something right they will want to pull you down.

There’s no more. And for this, you have to prepare.

We already have done.

I tell you.

Sales are not for me.

Black Friday?

A horrible day. No offense, not for everyone.

Collapsed web pages and stores where not even a pin fits.

The products that interest you end up disappearing in the blink of an eye.

And not to mention the mega discounts.

“Mega discounts” because the day before you have raised prices.

What a nerve!

However, if you are smart (until now I had not been) you can take advantage of it.

And save you some money.

That never hurts.


Using the biggest discount of the year.

I don’t lie. I’m not exaggerating.

An inverted Black Friday discount.


Yes. It’s not nonsense.

We want you to forget about stress. Of the long queues.

And know that on November 25 you can also take it easy.

Take a walk, go to the countryside or watch a series. Whatever you fancy.

And without the need to spend money with a “super discount of 5%”.


I am going to explain everything to you so that it is understandable and you can decide whether to buy or not to buy.

On MONDAY 21 a 40% discount will be applied to your reservation for 2023 at one of our three campsites: Three-star Barcelona, Three-star Costa Brava and Three-star Mediterranean.

On TUESDAY 22 you will be applied a 30%.

On WEDNESDAY 23rd a 20%.

ON THURSDAY 24 a 10%.

And on FRIDAY 25

Sound of crickets.

On Friday the 25th nothing. You’re not going to have anything.

So, if next year you want to take a good vacation and save a lot of money, skip Black Friday.

Make your reservation from Monday 21 to Thursday 24 November.

Probably the cheapest vacation you’ll ever have.

That easy.

That said, do with this information what you see fit.

But remember.

It is the biggest discount of the year.

If I were you, I would prepare myself.

You have until Thursday, November 24 to take advantage of this inverted Black Friday.

So if you are interested, I will tell you the only way you will have to get this discount.

Subscribe right now in this form.

Once subscribed, we will send you the exclusive link to make your reservation.

And also… You will receive emails from us with offers and news that you will probably also be interested in.

Do it now!