Delta del Llobregat. Protected natural space

The Llobregat delta is a mosaic of landscapes that stand out for their ecological value and for the biodiversity they harbor.

Located on the right bank of the final section of the Llobregat river, they occupy some 145 ha of a great diversity of flora and fauna. Here we find the main landscapes of the Delta: reed beds, wetlands, pine forests, beaches and coastal ponds such as Cal Tet and Ca l’Arana. These spaces form a miniature delta.

The Llobregat delta is formed by an extensive plain that occupies 98km2 between the Garraf i Montjuïc massif and the Sant Andreu de la Barca gorge to the north. It begins to form in Roman times and grows until the s. XIX. It has had various mouths that, over time, when changing, have created coastal lagoons.

Due to the nature of the materials that make it up, it has a layer of groundwater, the aquifer, which has enabled the transformation of agriculture and has facilitated its intensive agricultural use.

Coastal wetlands are connected to and dependent on the aquifer. Although it is the second largest delta in Catalonia, the continuous transformations and the difficult balance between land and sea and variations in the river make this area a place of extreme protection.

For all these reasons, the basic purpose of the declaration of Protected Natural Space is to guarantee the conservation of its natural values, in addition to the cultural, landscape and scientific values, reinforced by a legal norm and, therefore, subject to a special protection regime, conservation, restoration and development.

The natural spaces that can be visited are:

  • El Remolar – Philippines and Viladecans beach.
  • The pine forest of Can Camins and the beach of El Prat.
  • The rafts of Can Dimoni.
  • The pond of La Murta and the pine forest of La Maiola

The natural areas of the Delta del Llobregat have been conditioned to serve the public, who can visit various itineraries equipped with watch areas and observation towers for fauna, vegetation and landscape.

The visit is free. The controlled access areas are closed on non-holiday Mondays and on January 1 and 6 and December 25-26.

There is an information telephone for guided tours for organized groups: 93 479 32 01.


Delta Llobregat

Accessible for people with functional diversity in the signposted itineraries, the classrooms and the viewpoint