Route to contemporary Barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city.

The Olympism of 1992 brought to Barcelona a profound urban renewal that opened the city to the sea and drew the current skyline that ended with the urban development of the Universal Forum of Cultures and the initiative of the Barcelona City Council to transform 200 hectares of land Industrial district of Poblenou in a productive and innovative district with modern spaces for the strategic concentration of activities. It’s 22@Barcelona.

The Universal Forum of Cultures 2004 was an urban performance in the nearby outcrop of the river Besòs, on land reclaimed from the sea and Sant Adrià del Besós. The Forum building and the International Convention Center of Barcelona by the Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron and a system of artificial dunes where two open-air auditoriums designed by the prestigious Spanish architect Alejandro Zaera Polo.