Our philosophy

Achieve goals

Our clients come from very diverse backgrounds, with very different ages, needs and wishes.

We have young people who want to disconnect, retired people who prefer to spend long stays to get to know places and cultures in depth, families who want to enjoy extraordinary vacations with activities for everyone, workers who are looking for a comfortable space to reside for a season, without forgetting student groups, sports clubs and associations that count on us for our facilities and spaces.

Our proposal for everyone is to provide the necessary means to meet your expectations at a fair price. We want satisfied customers.

We are in natural environments that we want to protect and maintain. Our goal is to reduce the impact, increase sustainability, be respectful with the environment and have the complicity of our clients for its preservation.

We like clients who respect and are committed to the environment.

We want our clients to feel at home.

For this reason, our maxims are in the excellent personal treatment and in a full and satisfactory stay. Always looking for agility in the resolution of incidents and the rapid response to our clients, through constant improvement and automation of processes.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with satisfactory stays, based on guaranteeing their comfort and well-being, at an appropriate price and providing an updated and varied offer.

Use innovation tools that capture new trends in tourism, with constant improvement and automation of internal processes, control and resolution of possible incidents and monitoring of the level of satisfaction of our customers.

Our vocation of service, the care and maintenance of our environment, our workers and our collaborators and the promotion of their value are our maxim, without forgetting to recognize and promote the great natural, cultural and patrimonial wealth that surrounds us, always focused on sustainability .

Our vision

Moments of disconnection and relaxation for everyone and on multiple occasions.

Our values

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Sustainability and respect for the environment
  • Adequate and equitable offer of products and services
  • Create safe and healthy environments
  • Create wealth in our environment and generate jobs
  • Service vocation
  • Constant research, improvement and innovation
  • Quick and efficient adaptation to any change
  • Promote cultural, sports, recreational and nautical activities
  • Internationalization. Keep attracting people from all over the world
  • Saving water and energy
  • Reward customers who are respectful of the environment and the surroundings