Discover our great potential !!

The camping tres estrellas Barcelona has direct access to l’Estany beach, a natural, protected beach that is integrated into the protected areas of the Delta del Llobregat.

In our Flow Tres Estrellas space you can perform multiple water activities and enjoy the sea to the fullest. You can rent all the necessary equipment, kayaks, surf and windsurf boards, Stand up paddle or bodyboard or, sign up for group or individual classes to perfect your favorite activity.

Beach services are maintained during the summer season.

In the following link you can consult all the information regarding the state of the beach and accessibility (parking, access ramps to the water, accompaniment to the bathroom …)

Help us keep our environment clean.

Do not carry plastic that can fly away (bags, films, etc.). Don’t smoke on the beach and, if you do, take an ashtray and put the cigarette butts in the trash.

Let’s protect the dunes

Do you know what these beacons are for? To allow the formation and growth of the beach dunes. This environmental project allows to fix the sand and maintain the health of our beaches.

For the formation of new dunes, the typology of the beach and the direction of the winds must be taken into account. These plant species work as sand collectors and allow it to settle.

Help us protect our environment. Respect it !!